Here collected are the top 12 Chinese young female billionaires, all are both rich and beautiful! Yang Huiyan 杨惠妍 Yang Huiyan is the daughter of the founder of real estate developer Country Gardens, one of China’s largest property developers in China.Yang graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in marketing and logistics.

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Her legendary story on the internet sparked heated discussion among netizens.

Some commented that it was very touching to read her story since she wrote it with true feelings. Luo Peiping 罗佩萍 Luo Peiping is the only female executive director of New Balance, an American footwear manufacturer.

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In April 2009, Yang and her husband was listed as the 207th richest Chinese people. Benny Da 达贝妮 Benny Da was known as the “Taobao Queen”, the first star of China’s biggest online auction platform.

Da received her bachelor degree in Shanghai Jiaotong University and further studied in China University of Political Science and Law for her master’s degree.She studied at a university in Singapore and undertook MBA at an American university.She then went back to China and crated her own business, which has developed into a multinational company in just three years.While people tend to prefer people similar to themselves in terms of traits like religiousness or thriftiness, when it comes to beauty and income, more is almost always seen as better.On these “consensually-ranked” traits, people seem to aspire to partners who rank more highly than themselves. The stereotypical example of that is known in sociology as a “beauty-status exchange”—an attractive person marries a wealthy or otherwise powerful person, and both win.She succeeded to his father’s business and became one of the richest women in China. Yang Lan 杨澜 Starting out as a TV show hostess in 1990, Yang Lan has since became into one of China’s most recognized TV interviewers.