, however this variety tends to have a more orangish body.The Corydorus are members of the Callichthyidae family of catfish.Albino cories are well suited for a smaller aquarium because when full grown, adult males only reach 2.5 inches (7 cm) in length and the larger females just a little bit more. Despite being quite active, these are very peaceful fish that enjoy the company of their own kind as well as other fish.

They require clean water that is high in oxygen and a good supply of food on the bottom of the tank.

If the tank is not yet established, make sure to add algae wafers to the tank for food.

It has two rows of overlapping bony plates that run down each side and there are large plates covering the head.

Its very name Corydoras is derived from the Greek words "kory" which means "helmet," and "doras" which means "skin." They have a lifespan of 5 years or more, up to about 8 years with proper care.

The females of this species are normally larger than the males, growing to just under 3 inches (7.5 cm) in length, though the dorsal fin and pectoral fins are longer on the male.

This albino form is also a bit larger than the naturally occurring Peppered Cory The Albino Cories are not difficult fish to care for and can be recommended for beginning fish keepers.

They have sharp spines in the dorsal, pectoral and adipose fins that contain a mild poison used to ward off fish that may harm them.

The overall appearance has an armored look which gives them the common name "Armored Catfish." Although there are over 180 species of Corydoras, only about 50 are available to the hobby and about 10 are bred commercially.

Although the spines are small, just like this catfish, they are quite sharp and can pierce your skin.