With six world championship runs and multiple headlining Wrestle Mania matches to his name, Chris Jericho knows a thing or two about competing on WWE's grandest stage.

As for her next fight, Rousey very likely will meet the winner of next month’s fight between Tate and Cat Zingano, which will be the second women’s fight in UFC history.

Check out the Dan Patrick interview in the video above.

Typically I find her interviews to be obnoxious but I found her to be sincere, engaging, and candid with Esquire’s “What I learned” interview. The ligaments in both my elbows are so loose my arms just dislocate sometimes, just randomly.

Rousey is asked about armbars and what it is like to be arm-barred. Because I’ve experienced it, I don’t fear it at all.

Banks has yet to respond, however, Charlotte tweeted this out a few hours after Lynch's comment.

At WWE TLC on December 16, Lynch will defend her title against Charlotte and Asuka.Quite frankly her notoriety still baffles me as there are plenty of pretty female MMA fighters yet none have gotten the attention that Rousey receives.Whether this results in any kind of backlash from UFC fans will be determined by the final numbers for her debut at UFC 157.Ronda Rousey’s nearly nonstop mainstream media blitz continued earlier this week with an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show.” The UFC’s women’s bantamweight champion talked with Patrick about her rise to superstardom, dating, pressure, the potential for her to one day have a movie career and how her she is “refreshingly unfiltered” when it comes to the things she says and does.Rousey (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC) is coming off an historic fight, headlining UFC 157 as the first women’s fight in UFC history.Both women exchanged victories while in the midst of their rivalry, but Bliss would ultimately stay Women's Champion at the conclusion of their feud.