Rule breaches that can lead to "indirect" free kick penalties include such things as dangerous play, impeding the progress of an opponent, preventing an opponents goal keeper from releasing the ball and anytime a red or yellow card is issued and a "direct" free kick is not awarded.Breaches that can lead to "direct" free kick penalties include such things as kicking or attempting to kick an opponent, holding an opponent, tripping or attempting to trip an opponent, pushing or jumping at an opponent, charging into an opponent and touching the ball with the hands (unless the player is a goal keeper who is within his own goal area or a player taking a throw-in).Defending players - Otherwise known as the backline, these players are responsible for defending their goal from the opposition players and stopping them from kicking the ball into the net.

There are two different types of penalties that can be awarded when a game rule is broken in soccer, an "indirect" free kick or a "direct" free kick.

The difference between the two kicks is with a "direct" free kick the player who takes the free kick can kick the ball directly into the opponents net and score a goal, whereas with an "indirect" free kick the ball must touch another player after the ball is kicked before going into the opponents net, otherwise it will not count as a goal.

A midfielder essentially has two jobs; the first is to help defend their own goal by stopping the opposition players running through the midfield with the ball and thus assist their defenders to protect the goal.

The other job is to help "feed" the ball to their own attacking players to assist them in scoring goals.

While we understand the importance of your child’s eligibility, coaches or parents/guardians/caregivers calling the CIF on eligibility matters can create unnecessary delay.

Coaches and parents must work with their school's ADs or principals to help determine a student-athlete’s eligibility.

A red card is also issued automatically if a player receives two yellow cards in a game.

When a player is issued with a red card he is required to leave the field immediately and can take no further part in the game.

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