Each item in this list of fish puns is either a simple word-swap (e.g.

Something → Someswim, swam, creel, salmon, scales, tuna, shark, eel, snook, scad, trout, bluefin tuna, bony, bony fish, catfish, cod, pisces, vetebrate, lungfish, gill, herring, nibble, waders, flounder, gar, goldfish, pet fish, guppy, hagfish, koi, lamprey, loach, oarfish, parrotfish, pollock, piranha, porgy, sturgeon, angling, fishing, carp, sinker, hook, shellfish, anglerfish, skipjack, goby, aquatic animal, aquarium, anchovy, turbot, reef, shad, seafood, catch, aquaculture, cast, rod, tackle, reel, troll, float, bait, netting, handline, wade, wading, mackerel, fishery, swordfish, cichlid, bichir, cartilaginous fish, haddock, milt, panfish, fin, rainbow trout, spawner, prawn, shrimp, game fish, aquatic vertebrate, puffer, pufferfish, crayfish, piscine, whitefish, jellyfish, mullet, freshwater, saltwater, sea, river, lake, stream, creek, electric eel, fishy, gills, scales, scale, sardine, zebrafish, fishermen, fisherman, greenpeace, coral reef, barracuda, grouper, crappie, plaice, minnow, gudgeon, tunny, marlin, garfish, school, fishbone, roe, hake, trawl, seine, shoal, fins, sunfish, ectotherm, fisher, gulper, overfishing, pickerel, fish bowl, fish tank, piscatory, pescetarian, finlet, haaf, ocean, starfish, fisherwoman, recreational fishing, recreational, recreation, leisure, catch-and-release, pectoral fin, dorsal fin, ventral fin, ray, stingray, pectoral, dorsal, ventral, halibut, bream, mudskipper, fisheries, rock fish, bass, marine, clownfish, fish monger, gillnet, fishing rod, sailfish, chum, piscivorous, fillet, trawling, sprat, jig, chub, pike, ganoid, croaker, perch, boneless, kipper, fisherfolk, pompano, flake, fishmeal, gaff, whiting, spearfishing, sashimi, bottom feeder, molly, brill, skipper, pilchard, fish fingers, lance, gut, gutted, flitch, by-catch, bottom trawler If you’re looking for extremely corny fish jokes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Fish puns overlap a little with the entries on shark puns, beach puns, boat puns and water puns, so feel free to check out those articles for some related wordplay.

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