With more than 450,000 active members from all over the UK, with the only common feature of being tall and single, we are confident that you will find your ideal match here.Download the Six Foot Plus Dating app for free today and browse through thousands of tall singles in your area.However, sometimes guys didn’t mention how tall they were at all, so I’d look at pictures of them standing with their friends to gauge their size.

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There’s a kind of instinctual, animalistic attraction there and while I can’t put my finger on why I prefer them, I can say that my year of dating them was one of the hottest ever.

It’s crazy how many hot, tall guys you can find online.

call her tiny or shorty for that matter (unless you've cleared it with her and she's down with that nickname).

But it will be so worth the crick in your neck that you'll probably get once in a while.

There’s a self-assurance about them that’s really irresistible and I loved dating guys with these qualities. There is something about being overpowered by a huge guy that just feels really good. I wasn’t prepared for this side effect of dating men a foot taller than me.

Really tall guys usually have this quiet self-assuredness about them. Some sex positions are just awkward and many adjustments need to be made.Turns out, tall dudes love to brag about their height.Most tall men post their height in their bios to show off, which made my dating life a lot easier at times.With my tall men and my high heels, I noticed lots of looks from people when we spent nights out on the town. There is a dominance that tall men have over their shorter counterparts.Usually I would feel self-conscious about this and wonder what they were thinking about us, but I didn’t when I was with a tall guy. I always see tall men as secure, proud, and unafraid.Everyone stares at you like you’re some kind of power couple.