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I have gotten no where with their customer service, but they've basically just taken my $100 for free, which I'm sure can't be legal.

I basicaly did not get the services for the deal that I bought, and since I paid Living Social, they should be the ones to provide the refund, not the moving company.

I signed up with Kelleher services many years ago and after setting me up on a few initial dates that did not work out, they sent me on a date with someone amazing. Not only did she find me matches with wonderful women who had their acts together (one of whom I ended up dating for over a year), she gave me some wonderful coaching along the way in terms of…"My name is Baz Porter, I am a spiritual intuitive Life Coach.

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Living Social apologizes for [redacted]’s experience. We’d like to refund her purchase, however, [redacted] removed her credit card from her Living Social account.

We request that she add a card and let us know when this is done so that we can issue the refund. Best regards, Consumer Response: [A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.

So basically, I paid 0 to this company and did not get any services for that 0. They should be held responsible for the business they choose to do deals with.