The bachelor party, also named 'funeral' of style (aka his life in the game) on the invitation was held on Sunday August 25th 2013.He marries Ingrid De La O six days later on 31st August in Malibu.

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Under their mentorship he went from a guy with very little experience with women to one of the most well respected and successful members of the pick up artist community in just 2 years.

His book "The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-Up Artists" was published in 2005 and exposed the pick up artist community to the world.

They sent Jon Pareles to invite him into the company as a music critic for the publication's "Pop Life" column.

Strauss gladly accepted the job and soon after, was able to write several successful front page stories for the magazine.

Then, in 2004, another journalist researching the pick up artist appeared on one of Mystery's bootcamps and identified Style as Neil Strauss.

At this point, Neil decided he should make the choice to reveal his own identity within the pick up artist community rather than have another journalist reveal it.

He authored an article about his experiences in the dating industry under his real name and published it on the New York Times.

In 2005, Style published a biographical account (with some storytelling element incorporated) on his experiences within the community of pick up artists.

Neil's bachelor party was a big event featuring the funeral of his pickup artist alter-ego Style, complete with a real coffin, tombstone and eulogy.