Inside this special report, you will discover the universal truth to what every woman’s deeply rooted underlying needs; how to determine the personality of any women at first sight, to what a woman immediately thinks about you the second they see you.

“My intention is to help support men who struggle to understand the nature of women.

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That’s what I call, the “power of believing.” So why am I talking about “Optimism” with women?

The energy and vibrations from your thoughts, emotions, and feelings combined all have an impact on your performance and the reality you are trying to shape.

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Since emotions are contagious, she will soon be influenced by your happiness and associate you with that special feeling. Now, on an equal note, let’s talk about remaining “Indifference” around women.

Once you stop putting women on the pedestal and perceiving them as goddesses of earth, your “indifference attitude” towards them will A steaming hot chick walks into a bar, and suddenly all the guys turn towards her drooling and howling.

April 25, 2009 - PRLog -- Andrew Wang, a meteoric rising young entrepreneur and go-to dating coach has recently released his special report “20 Dating Secrets”, where he asserts that these are empowering and enlightening hard truths 97% of men worldwide don’t know about women.

These are surprisingly unknown and untold secrets about women, which even the most renown dating gurus aren’t aware of or openly disclose with their clients.

Andrew Wang is a meteoric rising go-to dating instructor and CEO of Hip Hop music and Streetwear Fashion Company LUXLIVIN.