He warns potential followers to take his advice with a shovel of salt. Answers on page E3.(BEGIN TEXT OF INFOBOX / INFOGRAPHIC)Quiz Answers Separate Steves From the Stus You are a Steve (cool) if you answered: 1-A.

Nevertheless, and contrary to the conventional wisdom of social scientists and the image makers of Hollywood, it is clear that many women are looking for more than just a sculpted body or a bank account.

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Another time, North found himself competing with his roommate, a muscular, chiseled-jaw young man, for the affections of a Vargas girl look-alike. The relationships do not always end well, and some do not end when they should.

One husband demanded North quit dating his wife; jealous boyfriends have been known to accost him at his door.

His friends tried “to pick her up with all the usual one-liner things, like, ‘You’re pretty.’ ‘You have nice hair.’ ‘You smell good.’ ‘You’re smart.’ Laughing at everything she said.” He realized he didn’t have a chance. You are a Phil (the average American male) if you answered: 1-B.

Then, he decided to practice the Taoist concept of desire-lessness--not trying to make something happen (so that, paradoxically, it might happen later.) “They started talking about politics,” he says. Then, I left to go outside and smoke a cigarette.”A few minutes later, the girl followed him outside and gave him her phone number.

“This woman said something I really disagreed with, so I argued with her. To the 16-year-old, it was as if he were Newton and an apple had fallen on his head. He analyzed the events, then jotted down what would become his rules for dating, a unique blend of spirituality and manipulation he calls the Tao of Steve--a guide that would lead to many successes, in the short term.

I was funny and playful, but I made some accurate, fact-driven point about politics. Basically, the theory dictates that to be successful with women, men must do three things: rid themselves of desire, exhibit excellence and then retreat.

When the truth comes out, Dex is finally forced to confront the realities of his life: not in terms of conquests and image, but on the most fundamental emotional level.

Jenniphr Goodman, a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, directed her first feature "The Tao of Steve" after graduating with honors in Directing from New York University's Graduate Film School.

North helped on the screenplay, writing himself into the fictional protagonist, an overweight, pot-smoking, motorcycle-riding slacker named Dex, who works as a part-time kindergarten teacher in Santa Fe, and pursues women, including a friend’s wife, with astonishing success. His perceived powers of seduction have attracted national attention.