Mexican women are some of the most misconstrued and difficult to figure out in all of Latin America.

As with Peru, travel and dating reports run the gamut from Mexico being proclaimed as a paradise for men; to characterizing the United States’ southern border as a dangerous destination with mediocre women.

Adding to the confusion is the perception of Mexican people solely based on experiences within the United States.

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However, Mexican women are more loyal and trustworthy, less likely to cheat than their Colombian and Brazilian counterparts.

The sweet spot for finding a suitable long-term relationship or wife lies in the middle of the socio-economic hierarchy.

However, these women are truly hot and it is worth the investment. They can be met at upscale gyms, shopping malls, and high-end nightclubs.

Their social circle will prove difficult to penetrate on a short-stay, but men who have the right combination of style, Game and who are in the country for a while can do some damage.

As previously mentioned, Mexican women are less flaky than other Latinas; therefore, building a report with women prior to your trip will likely pay off for when your boots are on the ground.

Mexican Cupid is the best online dating site for these purposes.

The Mexican women on this site are in a sense, pre-selected for meeting men outside of their homeland.

Create an interesting profile with solid pictures and start messaging girls prior to your trip.

Nice, polished shoes, a fitted v-neck and stylish blazer go a long way. I recommend creating an online profile on Mexican Cupid.

Mexican Cupid is a niche dating site geared for foreigners looking to date local Mexican women.

I have a personal preference for capital cities, due to the high volume of students and young professional women.