Also, each intimidating nick name is unique in nature as they are customized as per the people and their relationships.In many cases, the intimidating nicknames can also be given with the sole intention of embarrassing the other person.Petty conversations concerning the weather or the glamour world do not catch your attention.

Small talk is annoying – You do not appreciate small talks and neither do you indulge in them quite often.

Deep and serious conversations which involve participation of the intellect is something that interests you.

This is the case because we live in a judgmental society which tends to kill all the free will and spirit we have within us. And the worst part of all is that there are judgmental tendencies present even in the closest family relationships.

For example, many people chose their partners according to socially acknowledged ideals related to looks, status or finances.

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Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . There can also be some intimidating names that are funny and are kept to pull one another’s leg. These names instantly makes one break into a smile .Usually, people judge others by the way they talk, dress, or what they do for a living. It’s more comfortable and more convenient to follow other people’s opinion instead of having your own that you have to defend.You are open-minded and do not entertain someone who is judgmental. One way to mitigate ignorance is to educate yourself.But if someone is too reluctant to do so for themselves, then you would either walk away or lose your patience with them. You see more opportunities than others – Because you are open minded, you may see many more opportunities in situations than others.You are straightforward who speaks their mind and is not afraid to come off as someone who is rude.