These fields include the military, law enforcement, and community service.

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Basic information such as age, gender, nickname, and location are always found on the profile because it is required during sign up.

The only difference is probably the essay type self-description 'About Me' in every profile.

Uniform Dating has included tips and pointers to help along the way if something does not seem to work. Before you can finish with the registration, you have to verify first that you own the email address and that it works.

The site flashes a help message on the pop-up asking the person to check his or her spam folder.

It breaks the boundaries of being in different places. It is specifically designed for the needs of persons in uniform.

But anyone who like to find new relationships is open to join the community.

This feature lets members of Uniform Dating check their compatibility rate to help gauge if you like each other.

The more similarities you have with one another, the higher is your compatibility rate.

Primary communication options such as message, chat, and live group chat needs payment for you to proceed.