We have all been to those conferences where you only talk with the person who youare sitting next to during the conference dinner, or with a few researchers during the session breaks.

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University speed dating video

Download PDF Iyengar, Sheena, Raymond Fisman, and E. "Racial Preferences in Dating: Evidence from a Speed Dating Experiment." Review of Economic Studies 75, no. Each author name for a Columbia Business School faculty member is linked to a faculty research page, which lists additional publications by that faculty member.

Each topic is linked to an index of publications on that topic.

Speed dating allows participants to shortly talk with many fellow researchersin an informal way about what drives them in doing their research.

Afterwards, the participants will have the opportunity to follow-up with people whom they had an interesting “speed date” with. Format Even though the setting aims to be informal, there is a structure behind the speed dating.

Rationale: Even though conferences are considered to be good events for networking, they are often organized in ways that prevent you from meeting and talking with a wide variety of different people.

To overcome this problem, we aim for a setting where you are stimulated to shortly talk in an informal setting with other participants.

Rob Lubberink, Postdoctoral researcher, Business Management and Organization, Wageningen University, The Netherlands Why speed dating As organizers of the track ‘entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging economies’ we have set a number of objectives that we would like to meet in our track.

Among them is the objective to create a community who is sharing similar research interests.

The event was designed by Norris’ Sociology of Generation & Age class, and will be planned, advertised and conducted by her students.

The event is modeled after the “Age of Love” documentary directed by Steven Loring. The speed dating event is one way faculty at UW-La Crosse are responding to the interests, needs and opportunities for the growing, aging population in the Coulee Region.

“Social isolation is a common problem for older adults, so this event will serve as a place for them to get out and have fun, meet new friends and possibly begin a romantic relationship.” The event is free, but space is limited.