On the tablet I started DJI GO, and on the splash screen I was advised that the RC needed a firmware upgrade - do I want to? Then I just needed to power cycled both devices, and performed a manual connection (C1 C2 Record).

updating 1 1 4 to 2 1-13

This blog will address these common misunderstandings.

We’ll also talk about those very important documentation ‘bugs’.

I'm seeing a few possible resolutions on these threads like manual re-linking and getting closer to wireless router, re-installing Assistant 2, etc., etc. In the past things didn't work until 5 or 6 reboots of drone and RC, etc. Hi neildon, it kinda sounds like your RC might be acting up of its own accord and not linking properly/reporting a low battery. Do you remember what firmware your controller was on?

Perhaps a DJI Admin could chime in here like Natalia or Mindy or someone. I'm pretty sure the latest is 1.9.3 also, it really sucks, but you cant update remotes on assistant. plug in your phantom as if you were going to fly, then go the the camera/fly now screen, see if you're getting a prompt to update it in the overall status menu. I see a notification as DJIGO checks, but then DJIGO says that no RC update is required.

When the update is applied, only the existing software components are updated.

All new features for those existing components will be updated.

This is in addition to BI4 repositories becoming corrupt and all the pain of sorting that out.

Sadly there are two tiny, but pretty significant documentation “bugs” which exacerbate the confusion.

Indeed it’s vital that the CMS System Repository database is updated as part of the update process.