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The Canvas Cases I like the canvas storage case they are using. They are using the same one, except for a different logo.

updating a passport 8500-71updating a passport 8500-50

UPDATE (1/6/2012): This article previously referred to the original Escort Passport 8500 X50.

This model has now been updated and replaced with the Escort Passport 8500 X50 Black.

You can then very easily mute it without having to reach up to the actual detector. This can be great if the detector is a bit too vocal from time to time, or you are driving at night and place the detector in dark mode (and use the plug light for speed warnings). Police Officer, no there is no detector in this car at all!

" Sometimes it is just too annoying to have to fiddle with the buttons on the detector to mute or dim the display.

Just don't ask where the arrows are, really, that is not funny. The only type of "pro" driver that may be interested is a Gumball participant, or street racers that race for cash. At the bottom is the fact that it is ULTIMATE, and a radar, laser, safety detector. It claims to have the longest detection range of any detector, lightning fast response times, most advanced crap, etc.

Good to know what it is, just like the Escort I suppose. All things that can be tested, all things you are kinda screwing yourself by saying if you cannot back it up.

Under the case is the user manual, and in a side section is the Smart Plug. I think for the money a second set of spare suction cups would be nice.

At least there are not several advertisements and flyers for hats or something.

So what I find in the box, is what you as the consumer would find. I am going to just skip over the fact that it has "new extreme radar detection", some performance chart versus "Average Detectors" and the other absolute nonsense.