That is why I am happy to announce the immediate availability of Project Unification - a comprehensive cheat solution/manager for PCSX2!

I am extremely interested in any bug reports, feature suggestions, or other feedback on this build.

You can install this very easily and completely for free by downloading "Access Database Engine.exe" from https://

updating cwcheat-90

Now, enjoy the God of War: Ghost of Sparta CW Cheats below: _C0 Can Move Normally at Sparta _L 0x2014AC0C 0x ACE003B8 _L 0x2014AC4C 0x ACE003B8 _C0 Unlock Legionnaire Costume _L 0x50401B64 0X0000006B _L 0X00401AC8 0X00000000 _C0 Ultra Big Kratos _L 0x00303F24 0x3C043FF9 _C0 Orbs (No Decrease) FIXED _L 0x604312A8 0x0001869F _L 0x00002001 0x000000F0 _C0 Infinite HP _L 0x604312A8 0x42C80000 _L 0x00020002 0x00000064 _L 0x20000068 0x00000000 _C0 Infinite MP _L 0x60587364 0x42C80000 _L 0x00020003 0x00005824 _L 0x20000024 0x20000078 _C0 One hit kill _L 0x200453B80 0x461C4000 _C0 Red Soul 1 times magnification _L 0x200453B78 0x461C4000 _C0 Open the hidden elements _L 0x60426CE4 0x FFFFFFFF _L 0x00020004 0x00000018 _L 0x90000001 0x00000000 _C0 All skill levels max _L 0x60426CE4 0x00000003 _L 0x00020002 0x00000028 _L 0x90000001 0x00000000 _L 0x60426CE4 0x00000001 _L 0x00020002 0x00000030 _L 0x90000006 0x00000000 _L 0x60426CE4 0x00000003 _L 0x00020001 0x00000034 _L 0x60426CE4 0x00000003 _L 0x00020004 0x00000038 _L 0x90000001 0x00000000 _C0 Max Zens _L 0x60426CE4 0x000F423F _L 0x00020001 0x0000004C _S UCUS-98737 _G God of War: Ghost of Sparta [USA] _C0 Max Orbs _L 0x6042FCA0 0x000F423F _L 0x00020003 0x000000F0 _L 0x200000D8 0x20000000 _C0 Infinite HP _L 0x2042FCA8 0x08801000 _L 0x6042FCA0 0x00000004 _L 0x00200002 0x00000068 _L 0x10000000 0x00000000 _L 0x60001000 0x00000004 _L 0x00000002 0x00000070 _L 0x10000064 0x00000000 _C0 Infinite MP _L 0x6042FCA0 0x43480000 _L 0x00020003 0x000000F4 _L 0x200000D8 0x20000000 _C0 Infinite Rage _L 0x2042FCAC 0x08801004 _L 0x6042FCA0 0x00000004 _L 0x00300002 0x00000074 _L 0x10000000 0x00000000 _L 0x60001004 0x00000004 _L 0x00000002 0x00000174 _L 0x10000170 0x00000000 All codes are tested and working.

Credits to Baldassano, Omarrio, and especially to Hiei-YYH for making the God of War: Ghost of Sparta CW Cheats.

I know that, as a long time user of PCSX2, (who has never posted on the forums before), a comprehensive cheat solution has long been desired by myself and the community.

I know solutions have been tried before that didn't pan out, leaving the community with no highly user friendly comprehensive cheat solution, but I am hoping that day changes today.

But you can still test this new GUI version by using file.

I've created an animated game save icons for ps2rd GUI, so when you have a p2rd folder and elf on your PS2 memory card, it will not show a corrupted folder.The "Origins" trailer reveals that the relationship between Kratos, his mother, and brother (whose name is revealed to be "Deimos") will be explored in the game.The trailer also features the Gravedigger from God of War (Zeus in disguise).*Added the ability to easily export entire sets of game codes from the database as a PNACH file.*Added the option to single-click to select codes in the configuration menu. *Improved the PNACH importation algorithm to be more forgiving among variations in PNACH files.Taking place during Kratos' time as the God of War, the story will expand on Kratos' origins and reveal the background on the lost city of Atlantis (mentioned by Poseidon in God of War III).