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Bug 860670 Jasper ZRS install SMTP Blank Password Bug 860672 Jasper ZRS install can't use wildcard certificates Bug 863738 ZR uninstaller enables firewall in GUI Bug 864969 ZCM Software reconciliation report numbers do not match for office suite and the components.

Bug 866752 ZCM 11.3 Update or new installation fails to create new Audit Database when using MSSQL Database Server Bug 866939 Importing puchase record for existing product does not update licensed product count Bug 867511 11.3 Upgrade failure on Sybase due to Inventory normalization Bug 868632 Update to 11.3 fails on MSSQL server when database is configured to use a different language but English Bug 869418 Enh: Ability to change the FDE Splash Screen Bug 870009 zac ci returns different information when run on Windows, OSX, and Linux Bug 870908 ZRS 5 install allows domain user to be entered Bug 871458 On xplat Bundle "Retry Launch" popup Not Being Displayed on non session 02 Bundle folder in start menu opens very slow Bug 872658 Unable to rerun appliance upgrade wizard Bug 872784 ZRS 5 need to configure Jasper to point to a non Authenticated smtp server Bug 874952 NALWIN process exits slow while connected with Novell Client Bug 877630 After upgrade of the suite all the subcomponents of the suite are also getting un-installed Bug 877990 NALWIN splash screen stays for 2 minutes Bug 878367 Initial-Web-Services (IWS) file needs to be maintained Bug 879435 Virtual appliance migration doesn't migrate file xml from /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/datamodel/authsource Bug 880084 Nexthink executable not collected Bug 880428 Policies do not take affect when "process immediately if unable to execute on schedule" flag is used.

Data processing refers to the process of performing specific operations on a set of data or a database.

A database is an organized collection of facts and information, such as records on employees, inventory, customers, and potential customers.

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Bug 924968 ZENworks 11.3 partially upgraded if Oracle tablespace has keyword like AUDIT, breaking upgrade script Bug 925186 Storage Device Control polices doesn't get enforced properly Bug 925232 Inventory hardware components fails to insert for xplat devices Bug 925625 Not clear how to add printer driver to a printer policy Bug 925774 permission script did not have correct assignments for creating log files Bug 925785 Date Applied for System Update changes to the last device updated Bug 926216 DLU policy is not working with Novell client in Win XP Bug 926610 Temp DB grows when license query runs on MSSQL database Bug 927236 Unable to administer ZENworks User Group with assigned rights.

Bug 927249 /S stops working and breaks imaging process Bug 927254 ZCC navigation slow on Patch Management pages Bug 927314 Docs for Moving Sybase from One Primary to Another Do Not work for ZCM 11.16 zac pap taking 4 - 6 hours and high cpu to complete excess logging Bug 927528 Patch Policies are not effective after 60 minutes Bug 927918 crashes while user navigates One Drive folder - Caused by Nal Shell Bug 928392 Sybase to MSSQL migration fails on updating the ZENUpgradelog table Bug 928414 Patch policies with a lot of group assignments does not load the policies patches page.

Fixes: Bug 563861 ZCM Problem with blank/black/dark screen on Remote Controlled device during Remote Control Bug 658275 Unable to Authenticate to AD User Source using the User Principalname Bug 733138 High Utilization on LDAP servers when configured as user source in ZCM 11.27 Transfer File window crashes when attempting to browse zpm folder Bug 756865 zman sui with wrong credentials shows entitlement error Bug 757577 System Update error report Bug 772191 during remote control admin is not seeing the same as the user Bug 783268 ZCM 11.2.1 40 second delay when using CTRL-ALT-DEL during remote managment Bug 783410 ZCM 11.2.1 Remote Control - screen flashes or does not blank when using Blank Screen Bug 789597 APPLICATION_FAULT_HEAP_CORRUPTION in nzr Win VNC Bug 792861 Windows Group Policy delays user login for 20-40 seconds Bug 807944 Imaging bundle assignment to device folder does not trickle down to device Bug 808785 Remote control produces black screen during a re-login Bug 808905 Characters žŽ šŠ don't work in remote session Bug 818415 nzr crashes frequently Bug 823503 NALWIN Window does not take focus Bug 827795 Disabling Remote Management for Linux devices leaves ports 59on LISTEN after reboot of devices.

Bug 836305 Advanced Search Filter doesn't show all existing messages Bug 853956 DB constraint errors are not being reported in ZCC (related to Satellite replication/cleanup) Bug 856318 DLU policy allowing the excluded user to Log in .

Bug 887187 Unable to deserialize "Location" settings data Bug 887301 Error restoring Windows7 image, Status: 0xc0000245 Patch Tab on Workstation shows Server Actions rather than Workstation Actions in Task List Bug 887545 ZCM sets the value of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Fore Ground Lock Timeout to "0" and does not allow to change Bug 887754 ZCM agent on xplat is not honoring the setting Cache life / Cache Orphaning Threshold Bug 888249 ZCC sorting on diagnostics page / server list sorts by guid instead of name Bug 888661 WOL Status window does not update Bug 889436 RC Scaling persists per device, not RCAdmin Bug 889454 FDE casues loss of data in recovery screnario when ERI does not work Bug 890597 ZCM 11.3.0 Copy and Paste don't work in Jasper view Bug 890666 "zman database-backup" throws Bug 892673 Satellite Server runs out of disk space - For Windows device Bug 892791 Migration from 32 bit to 64 bit SLES server fails due to lack of space even if enough space is available.