and both Operating Systems are more or less at End of Life.

updating m1710 to vista 64 bit-30

I focus primarily on systems shipped with Windows Vista OEM and secondary with systems shipped with Windows XP OEM.

This guide can also be used on VMs as discussed here.

On the 26th of August 2016 Microsoft patched their Product Activation Servers.

Consequently the Windows 10130 Insider Preview Path cannot be activated, terminating this Systems sold within the first year of the release of Windows 7 had a Free Upgrade to Windows 7. For these systems the OEM typically released a BIOS Update which updated the SLIC from 2.0 to 2.1 and this makes the system eligible for Windows 7 OEM System Locked Preinstallation.

Disclaimer: This is an Unofficial Upgrade path and has no support from Dell or Microsoft.

However any system shipped with Windows XP or Windows Vista won’t have any official support anyway as the warranty has long expired…Before upgrading its recommended that your BIOS revision is up to date.This guide will result in Data loss so its recommended you back up all your data to an external hard drive.It hasn’t happened currently however eventually websites may block out of date versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. Needless to say don’t use an unsupported browser (i.e.anything running on a Windows Vista or Windows XP Operating System) for: etc. End of Driver Support No new drivers will be created for new peripherals (e.g.You will get the following error message: “Error 0x80072F8F On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition, run ‘0x2a 0x80072F8F’ to display the error text.” You will not be able to register a Windows Vista or Windows XP system via the 10130 Insider Preview with a Microsoft Product Activation server to make it a new Windows 10 Pro Device without buying a key. This is a Dell based guide but will work on non-Dell systems also.