Manual and API docs could be regenerated from package files and the peardoc sources, so there is no need to back up the rendered files.

updating pear-60

The net server has been fully restored after we had to witness a fatal hard drive crash on 2015-11-29.

Our server sponsor e UKhost quickly provided us with a new machine after we told them the old had failed, and the last two weeks were spent setting it up to provide the same functionality as before: The number of active people in the PEAR group has shrunken to about 1.5, with Christian Weiske doing most of the work.

Nevertheless here is the communication timeline: I’ll setup regular database backups in addition to the package file backups.

The new server has RAID 1, so that the failure of a single disk will not bring down the whole machine.

These skills have been further extended during her current work in the extension component of the climate change project.

Heidi’s skills are in undertaking research to better understand apple tree physiology, and in communicating research results to growers.

Prior to joining DAF, Heidi received a Ph D from the University of NSW and a Master of Agricultural Studies from the University of Queensland.

She developed strong communication skills with growers and industry whilst working with the Stanthorpe-based consulting company Orchard Services.

Abundant Robotics where he leads a group of robotic hardware and software engineers who have successfully developed a robotic apple harvester for use in commercial apple orchards.

Most of Dan’s team came from the Robotics Division of SRI International, a research lab in California, where they began researching automated apple picking in 2013.

Ultimately what Abundant are seeking to do is to provide growers with a product that significantly lowers costs compared with a picking crew with a quality they are happy with.