Additionally, there is no publicly known way to downgrade a PS4 from a higher firmware to 4.05.

Any site claiming that it is possible is either misguided or trying to trick you.

If your PS4 is running a firmware higher than 4.05, you might want to try and get your hands on a 4.05 PS4. At the time of this writing, softpedia have it up for download here. No mater where you get your copy of the firmware, you want to be extremely careful here and not download an incorrect version.

The first step, if your PS4 is not running firmware 4.05, is to update to 4.05.

But you need to be careful not to update to the latest firmware (5.03 at the time of this writing), so follow this guide.

The very slow PSP launch can be caused by adding to many folders or folders with too many photos to the "Manage" part of PSP. Many of us use the Manage tab but only the Computer option, not Collections.

In my case I had some thousand photos in one folder with many sub-folders, and I added for testing the root folder to PSP Manage, which blew up PSP's database. If I recall correctly, some users have found that using Collections, particularly with many folders and images, causes slowdown much worse than simply using the Computer tab option. Ever since installing the fall creator's Win10 update PSP X9 takes at least a minute to load.

Like others, I don't use the Manage portion but have it set to open straight to the editor.

With the recent release of the 4.05 Kernel exploit by Specter Dev, I’m sure everyone’s busy trying to figure out how to run it and what it can do.After nearly 4 years, Sony has released the PSP firmware 6.61.We are still investigating the changes, but as always, dont update until we can confirm that CFW still works.Important: This guide is for you if your PS4 is running on a firmware lower than 4.05.If your console is on firmware 4.06 or higher, this guide is not for you.Chances of bricking PSP 30 are quite real as compared to PSP 1000 which is completely hackable.