clause is supported, provided a unique index inference specification is omitted.

It is generally recommended that the columns of a foreign table be declared with exactly the same data types, and collations if applicable, as the referenced columns of the remote table.

If this option is omitted, the name of the foreign table's schema is used.

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constraints on foreign tables, there is no provision for importing them automatically, because of the risk that a constraint expression could evaluate differently on the local and remote servers.

Any such inconsistency in the behavior of a establishes a connection to a foreign server during the first query that uses a foreign table associated with the foreign server.

Use of this option primarily allows the error to be thrown locally without querying the remote server.

Note however that the is able to import foreign table definitions using IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA.

This represents the additional overhead of establishing a connection, parsing and planning the query on the remote side, etc.

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