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In our showroom you can see content captured with the Vuze Camera.

Many of the featured videos were captured with earlier prototypes of the camera and we are updating exciting new content as it becomes available.

It would be great if you would consider my request. The tracker tells Vuze how often it should be updated – if the tracker replies with ‘10 minutes’ then that is what Vuze will do.

If we do not follow this instruction then people that run trackers will get angry…

I have also changed my internet provider, but still tracker needs to be updated regularly.

Now it really feels that I am downloading each and every bit by opening a minimized vuze from the tray, right-clicking after selecting idle torrents and then going to Tracker/Torrent Update Tracker. Maybe it is because of the poor trackers' performance. But all I know is it is causing a great pain in my fingers to time and again click on updating tracker.

*Vuze respects intellectual property and other rights and expect our users to do the same.

Products suggested or advertised to be used for non-infringing uses only.

If you are using Vista or above, you will need to enable View Hidden Files and Folders Here is how you would do that: How To Enable View All Files and Folders in Vista and above By default in Windows Vista and above all system files and folders are hidden as in previous versions of Windows.