It is estimated that more than a million people use Tinder in Thailand - and the number is steadily growing.

This becomes apparent considering the fact that many girls felt the need to write in their profile that they are not up for old men and their money. But in most cases, they mention their gender change in their profile page, to avoid confusion.

The principle is straightforward: One after another profiles of other people pop up.

Thus, dating sites and apps are very popular in Thailand and there are more and more couples who have met each other online Even during work, while waiting in a queue or during class young Thais use dating apps as a pasttime.

Especially young girls, who are interested in foreigners see online dating as an easy opportunity to find a foreign guy.

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Therein, daily stories and a host of resources similar to here on our website; free magazine download, metro map, City Guide 250 and more!You need to show her what an interesting person you are.You can also make a small compliment as an opener, but don't push it too far - Thai girls also know what cheesiness is.Nowadays, young folks seek to find new friends, partners or just one night stands by using Tinder.Especially for young foreigners it is the number one application to meet and hookup with a girl in Thailand.For foreigners (espcially Western men), online dating is a really easy way to get into a conversation and to have a date with a Thai girl.