Daniel lost his eyesight after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. During Chris Brown court process the musician blamed his abusive stepfather. In his young years Clinton came home from work and played tunes for his daughter Lytrell and son Chris.

Date of birth: 1965 Clinton Brown divorced with Chris’s mother Joyce, when a future hip hop star had been in a primary school age. Not long ago Chris Brown congratulated his parent with Father’s Day. It was he, who inspired his son to start a music career.

Chris Brown’s rumored girlfriend, model Ammika Harris, has remained mum regarding rumors that she is currently carrying the R&B singer’s second child — until now.

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Reports from the Washington Daily News yesterday (August 31, 2019), suggest the singer best known for hit songs like Don't Wake Me Up, Yeah 3x or Run It!

The paper says the singer has been spotted wearing a new wedding ring earlier this week.

They continued their relationship and ultimately completely dissolved their journey in 2015.

In the following year, Brown discloses the news about his daughter. Royalty is the name of his daughter whereas Nia Guzman is the baby mama.

Rihanna confirmed the news about their relationship in 2013 but eventually, they split up without any dispute.

After Rihanna, Brown was again seen with Karruenche Tran.

The album received an immense audience and popularity thereby it went double-platinum.

Till now Brown has released seven studio albums, one after the other. In addition, Brown has collected many honors for his work. Chris Brown EX Relationship History: No doubt, he has a long-lasting relationship with Rihanna. The duo began dating in 2008 but they know each other from 2005. The couple presented themselves as an ideal couple of industry but nothing is as perfect as we think.

Brown’s mother (Joyce) was the director of a daycare center while his father (Maurice) served at local prison as a corrections officer. When he turned into 13, Hitmission Records was in search of a brilliant star than in a meanwhile Hitmission Records visited his father’s workstation, there they discover him.