To cut the long story short, Tito is threatening to release the screenshot of Iyabo Ojo conversation with her man if she doesn’t stop the affair.

Please if you people know the Yoruba actor Iyabo Ojo, I want you to send this letter to her, this Oloriburuko Odoko obinrin (adulterous woman) has put my honey among the men in her calabash as everything she demands from him is what he is now doing.

However, it was shortly discovered that it was a false news and that the supporting photo was one gotten from one of his movie shot that was yet to be released.

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The woman who identified herself simply as Tito wrote a lengthy letter of how her husband, an Ibadan-based politician has been spending lavishly on the actress since she met her at a function late last year.

The woman who refused to reply follow-up inquiry said she saw a series of text messages from the actress on her husband’s Android phone last week and since then, she’s been having sleepless night as her husband has suddenly stopped coming home since she confronted him.

From time to time, we witness one death hoax or the other.

It mostly affects celebrities and other popular persons in the society.

Without confirming if it is true, they went ahead and started spreading the rumor.

The picture people were made to believe it was how I died is actually a movie scene taken from a film I featured in titled “Reflections,” I am so surprised that the news went that far, I don’t have anything to say to those behind the acts but all I can say is that I am alive and healthy”.

She has spoken of her intention to stop using her former husband’s surname, Ojo.

When she was asked to confirm how she came to a conclusion that the Iyabo Ojo she’s referring to is the popular Nollywood actress, she refused to reply the email.

These falsities find their origin in fake news sites, which require only a few tweets or Facebook shares to spread panic.

Some of these false death reports are intentional – passing as costly jokes or mischiefs, while others are complete mistakes.

Country singer Miley Cyrus found overdosed this afternoon in her Los Angeles home.” She is one of those celebrities that their death rumor spread widely and was taken quite serious by many fans.