Sidney, who was Leicester's nephew, had died from an infected gun wound in 1586, 31 days after his participation in the Battle of Zutphen in which Essex had also distinguished himself.

Matheson has a net worth of an estimated $5 million. His fan pages can be found on these social sites though where you can be updated about his news.

With such amount of hard work and dedication, he deserves the wealth he has gained. The handsome actor, when his original movies came out were reported, was extensively popular. They would just want the actor’s shirtless hot look. But detail profile on him can be found on Wikipedia and IMDB. Matheson was born and raised in California, United States. Matheson was enthusiastic and passionate about acting from a very young age.

In 1596, he distinguished himself by the capture of Cádiz.

During the Islands Voyage expedition to the Azores in 1597, with Walter Raleigh as his second-in-command, he defied the Queen's orders, pursuing the Spanish treasure fleet without first defeating the Spanish battle fleet.

Politically ambitious, and a committed general, he was placed under house arrest following a poor campaign in Ireland during the Nine Years' War in 1599.

In 1601, he led an abortive coup d'état against the government and was executed for treason.

Adding to these TV shows, he has done quite some movies as well. He is not gay, and that makes his personality so gentle and heroic. Sadly, Matheson has no official Facebook or Twitter or Instagram page.

Movies Matheson has worked in includes How to Commit Marriage, Dreamer, A Little Sex, Up the Creek, Solar Crisis, Drop Dead Fred, Midnight Heat, She’s All That, Van Wilder, Don’t Come Knocking, Redline, Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia and Chump Change. He is in the news but is not on social networking sites.

Essex underestimated the Queen, however, and his later behaviour towards her lacked due respect and showed disdain for the influence of her principal secretary, Robert Cecil.

On one occasion during a heated Privy Council debate on the problems in Ireland, the Queen reportedly cuffed an insolent Essex round the ear, prompting him to half draw his sword on her.

He has been popularly known for his roles in the TV shows The West Wing and National Lampoon’s Animal House. Initially, he appeared in a CBS’s comedy series Window on Main Street.