She grew up in a black ethnicity family, being the daughter of Titus Burruss Jr. They had also a son, Patrick Burruss, who unfortunately died in a car accident in 1991, at the very early age of 22.

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It was quite a surprise for everybody when, in 2013, she announced she is going to marry Todd Tucker.

They had been dating since 2011 when working together at “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

In the 2000s the girls took a break and tried to build solo careers.

At least for Burruss, things worked out pretty well as she released her first album “Hey Kandi…” in 2000 with the first single called “Don’t Think I’m Not”.

The song “No Scrubs” sung by TLC was a huge hit back in the 2000s, and even won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song – the prize went straight to Kandi because she was one of the genius writers of the song.

Another prize she received in the same year was Songwriter of the Year Award, the first steps towards other successful collaborations.The millionaire woman gathered her little fortune from the music albums sales, TV series appearances, and personal brand lines.Her net worth is estimated by sources to reach over Million, but her annual income isn’t known.He was the dad she didn’t have because her father really isn’t in her life, so for her, it was like losing a dad.She went through an emotional period for a minute, but she’s okay now’, said Kandi in an interview for Xappeal.On the other hand, Kandi is a very open-minded, modern and lovely mother, which helped them get along even better.