Now it’s just thrown around because it’s so easy to breakup. I think she’s learned that and she’s had to adjust and had to learn and also embrace.

He recently told Hot 97: “I think it’s more about working.

The thing is, you got to know who you are as a person, first of all.

He is one of the most successful Latin artists of all time and has performed various styles including ballads, boleros, mariachi and pop.

He was born to father Luisito Rey and his mothers name however is not known. He has also been known to have dated several celebrities and pretty ladies over the past years.

After leaving it, he attended a community college in his own hometown.

Almaguer then enrolled at the School in San Francisco State University (SFSU).With great hard work and dedication, he was able to be a reporter for KCRA-TV in Sacramento.After becoming a reporter, he then joined ERC-TV in Washington, D. He as a general assignment reporter covering breaking news in 2006. He earned an Emmy Award for his reporting on the 2007 San Diego wildfires.Being young, it seems like he is sharpening his strength and skills to make her all dreams come true rather than being stuck in the relationship. An American Journalist was born on 11 March 1977, in Oakland California and was raised in Berkeley, California. He has an aunt who is a news anchor in the San Francisco Bay Area.While attending the community college, his aunt recommended that him into taking a class which is being taught by her co-anchor at San Francisco State University (SFSU). He was a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, but left it.I just wasn’t raised like that.” Unlike many, he expressed that he doesn’t feel pressured to put a ring on it like many other men. The “Quickie” singer did, however, say that she has accepted the idea that he’s “wild at heart.” “I’m wild at heart.