After being cast out of Degrassi at age 22, Drake spent some timing writing music and trying to make ends meet without a steady income.

In some cases, you may even be on a date or you may bring the woman back to your house.

Whatever the case, you are left thinking about the girl for hours after your dream.

Bella and Drake are yet to confirm or deny the rumors. Thanks to his 7 years on TV, repeated #1 hits, sold out tours and endorsement deals, Drake has amassed an impressive $100 million net worth. This dude has already had a long, diverse career and he’s only just getting started. Whether she's writing about digital marketing for some of the biggest names in the industry, politics, interviewing legendary fashion icons, or dishing out the #411 on local dirt—you can rest assured she's giving you a 100% truth #nofilter perspective.

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When asked what he’ll do if the neighbors complain about his huge home and the potential noise that comes along with Drake living next door, he says he’ll buy their damn house! He’s already done it in Hidden Hills after neighbors complained about his pool parties. Drake’s House in Hidden Hills is a whopping 12,500 square feet and is proudly named “The Yolo Estate.” He dropped $7.7 million on the rustic-but-decked-out estate in 2012.

However, his full-time home is in Hidden Hills, CA. The resort-style pool has become the hub of epic parties. #Yikes Many people mistake that Drake also has houses in Roswell, Georgia, South Plainfield, New Jersey, and Landrum, South Carolina. Roswell is home to Drake House Closet which provides services to families coming out of homelessness.Drake has been known to spark speculation about dating some of the most famous gals in Hollywood – including Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, Hailey Baldwin, Amber Rose, Rita Ora and Serena Williams.Rumors have been flying around that the rapper is dating model Bella Hadid.Drake is in the midst of building a mega-mansion located in his hometown of Toronto.The property resides in Bridle Path, one of the city’s most well-to-do neighborhoods and reportedly cost the star .7 million.The beautiful property includes a spa, screening theatre, massage room, gym, basketball court, basement pool and a hot tub on the roof.