I shut the car off and then turned it back on and pressed the category button and it was back to the "broken" state. It is so frustrating and I tried to explain how it makes it difficult to find stations especially while I am driving because the knob is further away and that I used to be able to control it from my steering wheel and she just told me that at least I could just use the knob!! a refresh from Sirius XM doesn’t help as y’all know and replacing the head won’t hrlp either because new units will more then likely have the same issue. That would be an expensive, time consuming process with little to gain from their (radio oem) perspective.

I will try again to not listen to the radio for a long trip and see if I can replicate it again. I spent an hour on the phone with Sirius/XM support, they sent a reset code several times, and then said it was a subaru issue. I went through the same process, spent an hour with sirius, reset radio multiple times, they told me to go to the dealer which I did and dealer said it was their problem. Called a few more times to sirius, then finally got someone who said sirius is aware of the problem with subaru's and is working on it. They want to say it is a Subaru problem, but it is not. And so far I have only seen one person here (Guru X4Z4V, a day or two ago) who says that they were able to fix the problem. I would like to see more people say, "Yes, Sirius XM has now figured out how to correct the problem." I have a 2016... The best alternative is to probably keep putting pressure on Subaru for a fix. I just called Subaru at 800-782-2783 and was told basically the same thing that Sirius had previously told me that they are working on the issue which was related to the Sirius update not being compatible with Subaru and when the issue is resolved it will update automatically.

I asked when I would know it's fixed and they said it would just start showing.. They did reimburse me the month I’ve been without service and guaranteed they would continue to do so.

xm radio updating-68

( told me I had to call back once the issue was fixed to get credit ).. When they were spotlighting a pop channel it did show up in the list as well, but only the channel they were spotlighting. I spoke to sirius today and they told me that it is probably my car radio not their problem because I could at least hear audio! At least this one keeps my subscription, just no list channels. At first I thought it was me -- and then I bounced between Subaru and XM trying to figure it out.

I drove my car for about 3 hours without the radio on and the next day on a whim I pressed the category button and magically all categories showed up. She told me to contact my local subaru dealer and have them 'fix' the problem!! I bought the car July 2018, minimals on it and this is the third radio. I brought my 2018 Forrester in to the dealer and they installed two "updates" but it didn't fix the issue. My understanding is that when XM fixed this the fix will magically float into my radio and all will be well. firmware issue caused when Sirius XM “improved” their channels in mid aug. I did embedded software/firmware for 35 years to me ur sounds like they have an issue supporting more than 128 ( or 256 or 512 or 1028...,) channels (or thingys if you prefer) if so it may be a hardware issue which would require a new board to be designed, tested and put in production.

And that this story is making its way around the Internet which could be damaging to Subaru's reputation.

I told her that there are probably a lot more out there who, like me, assumed for a number of weeks that they are doing something wrong before they realize the problem is with the XM system.

After pushing many buttons and a long wait I got a customer service agent on the line.

I told her that there are a whole bunch of angry customers about this issue.I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Sirius yesterday and the person I spoke to said to take it to the dealer.It would be helpful if they at least admitted it was a known issue instead of wasting people's time.Called SXM and they said they could not do anything about it. If this many people are having the same problem, either SXM or Subaru better be doing something about it!!Here's what I got back from Sirius today via email: Dear Listener, Thank you for contacting Sirius XM.I'll seriously cancel all of our sirius if they're not going to fix this and forego subscribing for the subaru.