Find All Service Instances() threw an exception: System. Target Invocation Exception: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Key Not Found Exception: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

= null) Another solution is to simply make the reader a member e.g.

xsdvalidatingreader msdn-40xsdvalidatingreader msdn-52

Xml Schema Validation Exception: The required attribute 'Fully Qualified Domain Name' is missing.

Send Validation Event(Xml Schema Validation Exception e, Xml Severity Type severity) at System.

I am trying to cast object sender as type Xsd Validating Reader so I can access the 'Name' property (Trying to get the name of the node that has the error).

Xsd Validating Reader is not an object I have access to.

Casting the sender argument to Xml Reader seemed a likely possibility as you said it is an Xsd Validating Reader and as Xml Reader is a public and abstract class that concrete implementations are to extend, so I simply tried that cast and found it works. What I want is the Line Number, and the Line Position, which are only available from the Xsd Validating Reader object / interface (and conveniently visible from VStudio 2005 while execution is stopped on a breakpoint).

I have no doubt that my o R object was an Xsd Validating Reader right from start, when it was created. My ultimate goal is to provide an intelligent feedback to the user concerning its XML structure. however it will throw a Null Reference Exception when in fact (if it is valid) it should come back as a successful validation. I should also note that this does not happen in 1.1, and by luck, this was found beneath a large set of schemas and would have been banging my head up against the wall for days if i didn't run it through a validation tool that was built on the 1.1 version of the . Since this is a valid schema (validated by other industry tools) using the Xml Validating Reader (which is now obsolete in 2.0) a validation error occurs and gives me the error that *I* would expect even though it should not give any error. Read3_Farm Topology(Boolean is Nullable, Boolean check Type) at Microsoft. Read4_Farm Topology() - -- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System. I was updating a farm to SP 2013 SP1 and OWA SP1 and after that I had an error when browsing files on OWA. Invalid Operation Exception: There is an error in XML document (3, 4).